Saturday 28 May 2016

Dome I - Selected for the Royal Academy Summer Show 2016

I am very glad to announce that my etching Dome I has been selected for the Royal Academy Summer Show 2016. It is now my third year in a row having work selected and it gives a real sense of reassurance and belief when exhibiting in the show.
Dome I , 2016,  Etching, plate size 55cm x 47 cm, £395 unframed

Saturday 23 May 2015

Mirror I and Mirror II selected and hung for the Royal Academy Summer show 2015

I was delighted to find out Mirror I and Mirror II were both selected fort he Royal Academy Summer show this year. I had a lot of positive feedback from being selected last year so I hope I am able to build on that again this year.

Mirror I, Etching,
Edition 30,
paper size 70cm x 65cm,
Hahnemuhle white 300gsm
£395 unframed

Mirror II, Etching,
Edition 30,
paper size 70cm x 65cm,
Hahnemuhle white 300gsm
£395 unframed
The two prints are based on the Sound mirrors on the south Kent Coast.The acoustic mirrors were built as early warning devices around the coasts of Great Britain, with the aim of detecting incoming enemy aircraft by the sound of their engines.
The mirrors though had a limited effectiveness, and the increasing speed of aircraft in the 1930s meant that they would already be too close to deal with by the time they had been detected. The development of radar put an end to further experimentation with the technique.
The idea of recording this defunct out of date technology relates with my current interests and proved to be a tough technical exercise capturing the form and surface quality of the dishes.

Sunday 15 June 2014

Selected works for my new upcoming website.

The images below will be included in my new upcoming website. I will be including a back catalogue of previous works and new pieces.If you are interested in purchasing any of the prints or have any other questions please contact me directly on

Transmission III, 2014.Etching, plate size 62cm x 51cm edition 20, 17 available. £495.
Fort III, 2014.Etching, plate size 62.5cm x 55cm edition 30, 28 available.£495.

Fort I, Etching, 2013 plate size 55cm x 47cm, edition 20, 18 available. £495.
Fort II, Etching, 2013. plate size 55cm x 47cm , edition 20. 19 available. £395.
Transmission, 2011 Etching, plate size 62cm x 51cm, edition 20.Sold out
Transmission II, 2011 Etching, plate size 62cm x 51cm, edition 20. 17 available. £495.

Communication I, 2014 Etching,plate size 27cm x 22cm, edition 30. 26 available. £185.00. 

Communication II, 2014. Etching, plate size 27cm x 22cm, edition 30. 27 available. £185.00.

Bridge I, 2012. Etching, plate size 38cm 33cm, edition 30. 28 available £235.00.

Bridge II,2012. Etching, plate size 41cm x 34cm, edition 30. 22 available. £235.00.

Sat.I, 2010. Etching, plate size 35cm x 30.5 cm, edition 30. 22 available. £235.00
Sat.III, 2010.  Etching, plate size 35cm x 30.5 cm, edition 30. 24 available. £235.00

Sunday 25 May 2014

Good news! - Shortlisted for the John Ruskin Drawing Prize.

I have recently been selected as a finalist for the John Ruskin Drawing prize, The pieces Fort I and Fort III have been selected. Please see these images below;

Fort I - 65cm x 62cm - Etching - £395 - unframed edition of 20.

Fort III - 78cm x 72cm- Etching £495 unframed, edition of 30.

Information of the Drawing prize is below;


Anny Evason, Alex Hamilton, Ben Lingard, Colin Maxwell, Catherine Sutcliffe-Fuller, Chris Shaw Hughes, Dr Dolores de Sade, Darren Reid, Evy Jokhova, Gillian Swan, Hannah Brown, Ian Chamberlain, Jennifer Morgan, Michael Cox, Maggie Hargreaves, Mandy Payne, Philip Sanderson, Ros Ford, Rebecca Upton, Roanna Wells, Sonia Stanyard, Sarah Taylor- Silverwood, Sean Williams.
The Campaign for Drawing in collaboration with the Guild of St.George is excited to announce our final shortlist of artists for the second John Ruskin Prize: Recording Britain Now. Still a relatively new award in its second year, we invited entries from all over the UK offering ’Fresh, contemporary visions of the UK's urban, rural or social environment“.
From a wide selection of entries from just under 600 professional and amateur artists, after much deliberation, our selection panel came to a final shortlist of 23 artists. Impressed by the breadth of interpretation of this year's theme and the imagination, wit and technical skill of the works we received deciding on the final selection was no easy task.
The final selection will appear at Millenium Gallery, Sheffield, 28th June – 12th October 2014, partnering the major V&A exhibition, Recording Britain. The winner will be announced at the private view on Friday 27th June and will take home the £1,000 prize.

I am delighted with this and fingers crossed you never know????
The winner will be announced at the opening event at the Millenium Gallery,  Sheffield Fridat 27th June.

Thursday 24 April 2014

Fort III - Finished and ready to edition

Fort III is now finished and ready to be editioned. It has been done especially for the Back from the Front exhibition at the Royal West of England Academy in Bristol.I have been invited to exhibit alongside some other  fascinating and interesting artists.

Back from the Front - Art, Memory and the Aftermath of War is a programme of exhibitions and events at the RWA commemorating the start of The Great War, and 75th anniversary of the start of the Second World War.

"Alongside these powerful evocations of war and peace, a number of artists have created work in response to war: Michael Sandle RA and Emma Stibbon RWA RA react to monumental sculptures across Europe; the late Richard Hamilton’s ‘Medal of dishonour’ offers a searing critique of political subterfuge; Ian Chamberlain reflects on the industrial technologies of conflict; Lucy Willis RWA responds to the plight of the dispossessed, while Paul Gough RWA draws on the emblematic power of civic statuary to explore how memory is shaped and controlled in our over-crowded urban spaces".

Friday 7 February 2014

Sea fort V

 I have managed to finish a new drawing Sea fort V this week. Although this is quite  a literal figurative study I will now aim to start breaking up and abstracting the form. This then will hopefully be taken into etching.The finished drawing is below along with  a couple of working drawings.

Sea Fort V - pencil and graphite, 75cm x 60cm  

Sea fort V preliminary sketch.
Sea Fort V working drawing