Friday, 11 May 2012

Transmission 80cm x 65cm, etching
Transmission above is my latest piece, completed for a Diptych exhibition in collaboration with Spike Island Printmakers. I was paired with an artist Ros ford who also works using the etching process. The image is of the Lovell telescope based a Jodrell Bank. I initially did the drawings two years ago and this was the perfect chance for me to rework the sketches and take into print.
This was also a fantastic opportunity for me to address scale and how this can effect my use of drawing and etching.The scale of the work is something I wish to explore further.
After having a conversation this year with Emma Stibbon we discussed the relevance of scale and what part it could play. I felt it was now more important with the limited time I now have to put all my time creating a larger more substantial piece of work.

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